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LA1K5 - RFpower EN

High Quality Solid State RF Power Linear Amplifiers

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The RFpower LA1K5 is a solid-state 1200 watts 1.8 - 54MHz power amplifier. It uses a ruggedness 1800 watts 65 V LDMOS technology NXP's MRFX1K80 RFpower device for reliability and high spectral purity and has an internal highly reliable, low-noise switching power supply. At last, but not last, the switching power supply meets the severe European Rules about Energetic Efficiency.

The thermal design is very conservative due to a special 6 kg weight copper/aluminium heatsink. This, assisted by a sophisticated thermal management system, allow the temperature of the LDMOS device to remain within limits which should ensure extended life.

The RFpower LA1K5 output power is limited to allow an even greater ruggedness in presence of high antenna VSWR. At a lower RF output power, an improvement in the IMD value is also added.

A major objective of the RF design has been to significantly exceed the RF spurious signal generation requirements of the European Rules (RED Directive) for amateur radio equipment. To this end the RFpower LA1K5 has more extensive filtering than is usual in HF amplifiers. An efficient internal ALC circuit contributes so that the RF output signal is even more clean.

While LDMOS RFpower Mosfets are amongst the most rugged RF power amplifier devices currently available, they are sensitive to RF overdrive. The RFpower LA1K5 has both extensive monitoring to minimise the risk of damage by overdrive and a conservatively designed input circuit.

The RFpower LA1K5 employs a full touch-screen control using a 800x480 pixel 5.0" full colour TFT display module. A wide range of monitoring functions can be displayed with high precision, including RF output power, RF input power, Antenna VSWR, PA drain current, PA drain voltage, LDMOS temperature and more.

Band selection is fully automatic by RF-sense circuit. The presence of valid in-band signals is detected and will initiate switching automatically to that band. For a more high speed band selection, Kenwood CAT Command, Yaesu Band Data Input and Icom Band Voltage Input are included.

What We Do
We develope, produce and sell directly high quality solid state RF power linear amplifiers for  amateur radio.
Our primary goal is to satisfy you with our RF technology expertise, offering the best products with unsurpassed quality, optimum performance and at the best price.
5-year Warranty
A 5-year warranty testimonies concretely the high quality of our products.

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