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. . . . . . High Quality Solid State RF Power Linear Amplifiers For Hams
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LA1K5     Specifications

  • Frequency Coverage:  1.8 - 54 MHz (all amateur radio frequencies WARC & 60m included)
  • Operation Mode:  All modes
  • RF Input Drive Power:  30 watts maximum
  • Input Circuit:  Broadband, VSWR 1.2:1 maximum (1.5:1 @ 50 MHz)
  • VSWR Output Protection Value:  2:1
  • Rated PA Output Power:  1000 watts PEP
  • IMD3:  -32dB or less below PEP @ 1000 watts RF output
  • Harmonics Suppression:  HF=better than -50dB - VHF=better than -60dB
  • RF Output Filters:  7-pole low-pass type
  • Antenna Outputs:  Nr. 1 (Amphenol™ SO-239 connector)
  • IN/OUT Impedance:  50 ohms unbalanced
  • RF POWER TRANSISTOR:  Two 600 watts MRFE6VP5600 NXP™ LDMOS Transistor
  • ALC:  0 Vdc to -10Vdc adjustable
  • Cooling:  By temperature-controlled fans  
  • Acoustic Noise Level:  58 dB(A) maximum    
  • RX/TX Switching Time:  Adjustable    
  • RF Protections:  High antenna VSWR, High RF output power, Filter wrong band, Input overdrive, Over temperature   
  • Power Supply Protections:  Short circuit, Over current, Over voltage, Over temperature, Power ON soft-start circuit    
  • Power Supply Range:  100 Vac to 264 Vac 50/60Hz
  • Standard Rules:  According to EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard and EU Electrical Safety Standard - ROHS   
  • Dimensions (approx.):  35 x 42.5 x 17 cm (W x D x H)
  • Weight (approx.):  12 kg

According to continuos improvement of our products we reserve the right to change without notice


What We Do
We develope, produce and sell high quality solid state RF power linear amplifiers for amateur radio

Our primary goal is to satisfy you with our RF technology expertise, offering our products with unsurpassed quality, optimum performance and best quality/price ratio

Extra Warranty
One year extra warranty on RF power LDMOS Mosfets testimonies concretely the high quality of our products

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R.E.A. VI-259198
C.C.I.A.A. 02604010245

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56.810,00 €  i.v.

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