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Full Automatic Solid State
1500 Watts HF/VHF
Linear Amplifier

Price: € 4.514,00

Overview and control of all important parameters via a powerful 5.0" intelligent LCD-TFT display touch screen module 800x480 resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours. The operativity is very easy and all menus are intuitive. All in touch screen module, no extra control buttons needed

The amplifier employ the last generation of RF power LDMOS Mosfets. This high ruggedness devices are designed for use in high VSWR industrial, scientific and medical applications, as well as radio and VHF TV broadcast

The final RF PA stage uses a special design copper-aluminum heatsink with two 1500 watts RF power MRF1K50 LDMOS Mosfets in a real push-pull configuration ensuring a conservative 1500 watts output power, even in severe working conditions

When connected to a transceiver without CAT capacibility, the amplifier will change the filter band automatically

What We Do
We develope, produce and sell high quality solid state RF power linear amplifiers for amateur radio

Our primary goal is to satisfy you with our RF technology expertise, offering our products with unsurpassed quality, optimum performance and best quality/price ratio

Extra Warranty
One year extra warranty on RF power LDMOS Mosfets testimonies concretely the high quality of our products

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